Have you noticed that the quality of your cool air has been declining over time or that your air conditioning unit has been making strange sounds while in operation?

Those are a few clear indicators that there is something wrong with your AC system. You should give Dr. Rescue a call!

Our HVAC contractors in Spring, TX strive to provide quality service and take pride in their ability to solve your AC problems quickly and efficiently. We all know the importance of having AC during the summertime in Houston.

What Are Common AC Issues?

Air conditioning units serve the important role of keeping your home cool and dehumidified, but because we often rely on them every day they are prone to issues and malfunctions, including:

Thermostat issues. If your unit turns on and off repeatedly, then there may be an issue with the thermostat.

Clogged air filters. When the filters in your AC unit are clogged, your system has to work harder to push the air through the dirty filter, causing it to overwork and wear out.

Mechanical issues. Whether it’s the compressor, blower motor, or evaporator coil, your air conditioner has lots of mechanical parts which may break down and need to be repaired.

Worn out or damaged wires. Old wires won’t supply the proper amount of energy to your unit, causing it to overwork and break down.

Drainage problems. Your unit needs to be able to properly drain the water produced by the condensed air, and if a blockage is preventing it from draining your unit may malfunction.

When the issues are severe, a new ductless air conditioner installation may be the only solution. You can rely on us to have your back in such situations.

Asking Yourself: How Do I Fix My AC Unit?

That’s our job! Give us a call today, save yourself the headache and time. Our amazing staff of experienced technicians can arrive at your house, the same day you need service and get your system back up and running again. You could always try DYI videos and maybe have some success but why take that chance? We have been serving your area for the last 5 years and have given 5-star service! Check out our online reviews.

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