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Fixing a Faucet Leak

Fixing a Faucet Leak: Easy Steps

One piece of advice we cannot stress enough is to never doubt a leaky faucet. You don’t want to neglect it once it starts happening and you don’t want to disregard the easy things you can do to prevent it. A gentle, quiet leak can still result in further problems and lost money, especially because a leak can always get worse and might even indicate other issues. Fortunately, fixing it is typically easy and inexpensive. Prevention is the best cure after all! At least, it is when it comes to your plumbing. Here are some things to know that can help you keep an eye out and deal with a leaky faucet.

The general rule of leaky faucets is that something has become worn out and ineffective, meaning that something needs to be replaced. O rings, washers, gaskets, and valves are common parts that end up warn out and corroded. Faucet repair kits come in handy here. And there are lots of instructions available for fixing a leak. Here are the basic steps:

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Fixing a faucet leak is generally simple. Still, it is always best to avoid it as much as possible. Here are some simple ways you can avoid plumbing leaks in general! You can install a water softener in your system. Hard water causes mineral buildup. Buildups can cause clogs and they corrode pipes. Too high-water pressure can corrode as well. Use a pressure gauge, if its more than 80 psi, you can use a regulator to reduce the pressure. In the case of any clogs, never use commercial drain cleaners. Those chemicals rarely do anything beyond corrode your pipes. By not clearing the clog, those chemicals can back up into your home and other pipes, causing further damage. And nothing is meant to last forever so you want to make sure you’re giving pipes, pipe seals, plumbing appliance, and hoses a look-over every now and then. These tips are for general plumbing care, but they can help prevent leaks of all kinds. As for faucet leaks, besides worn-out parts, mineral build up and corrosion are also primary causes. So, keep an eye out for those issues and you’ll always nip a leak in the bud!

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