Your furnace is responsible for helping keep you feeling warm and cozy whenever the temperatures dip, and it’s important to work with a team of qualified heating experts to ensure that your unit is well maintained and will always turn on when you need it.  

Many of us Houston natives are still using our AC’s during the winter months but during those few wintry weeks we get it can be a scary sight to see your heater is not working when you need it; especially if you have kids or the elderly at home. That’s when you give Dr. Rescue – Comfort Specialist a call! We specialize in heating repairs and our certified technicians will be able to provide efficient and quality repairs to bring the heat back into your home.

At Dr. Rescue – Comfort Specialist, we believe that prevention is the best cure, which during heating season, is why we also offer comprehensive heating maintenance plans. Regular maintenance can help keep your heating system running efficiently and prevent costly breakdowns down the line.

Whether you need an emergency furnace repair, repairs on electric furnace or routine maintenance on gas furnace, you can trust Dr. Rescue – Comfort Specialist to provide the expert furnace repair in Spring, TX. Contact us today to schedule your next furnace service or gas furnace repair, appointment and keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long.

Do You Need Furnace Repair?

Your furnace will often give you “warning signs” that something is wrong, so it’s important to keep an eye on the way your unit looks and sounds to catch any issues before they escalate. A few things to keep your eyes peeled for are:

Can I Prevent Heater Issues? Do I Need Regular Furnace Maintenance?

Maintaining your heater is critical to extending its lifespan and keeping your energy costs low. While it may seem easier to wait until there’s an issue before calling, this is often the more stressful and expensive option because by that point there is something seriously wrong with your unit, and the cost of repairs and servicing will go up as a result. The benefits of regular maintenance is actually a cheaper long-term investment than waiting it out and hoping for the best.

It’s easy for our furnaces to be “out of sight, out of mind” but it’s important to be proactive in scheduling servicing because a trained HVAC contractor in Spring, TX can help alert you to issues that may not yet be presenting themselves.

Enjoy These Benefits When You Call

Don’t put off necessary repairs and servicing because you’re worried about the cost, just visit our coupons page and save before you even pick up the phone.

We treat all of customers as family, getting the job done right the first time. Call the professionals at Dr. Rescue for all of your home’s heating and cooling systems repairs.



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