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5 Common HVAC Issues Caused By Bad Duct Work


Bad duct work leads to many HVAC issues, including poor air flow, hot and cold spots, odors, clogged filters and even strange sounds.  Broken, damaged, or leaking duct work will result in a poor functioning unit, even if you have the most efficient HVAC system. HVAC systems are complex and duct work plays an important role in keeping temperature in your home. If your duct work looks similar to the picture below then you have a serious problem on your hands and need to consider having your duct work replaced.

One of the leading issues with faulty duct work is poor air flow. You have a new Ac system but it’s still not cooling properly at you don’t understand why? If your duct work is broken or leaking your home will not heat or cool the way it is supposed to. The air flows through the duct work and out of the vents. With damage to the duct the air is leaking out instead of blowing out the vent resulting in lack of air flow and essentially a hotter or colder house. It is important to have your duct work inspected during your annual maintenance to ensure they are up to code and functioning correctly.

Another issue that is similar to poor air flow is hot and cold spots. Some rooms may be hot and stuffy and others could be freezing. The reason behind this is usually that you have a leak in your duct work. If you duct has a leak it doesn’t balance the air properly resulting in those hot and colds spots you’re finding. Leaks in duct work could be a simple fix depending on how bad the leak is but you should always investigate if you start noticing areas that are off temperature with the rest of the home.

Most people think that if you are smelling a foul odor coming through the vents that it is related to your air conditioner. Usually it is in fact your duct work. If your duct work is not proper then moisture can build up inside of it. That can lead to things like mold and mildew. Another reason could be animals have gotten inside and are leaving their droppings in your duct work. Either way, it is hazardous to have either inside your duct work. If you start to smell something unpleasant have a specialist inspect your duct work immediately.

Clogged filters is another issues that arises from poor duct work. Most of us know to change our filters each month depending on the filter. If you are noticing your filters are becoming excessively clogged quicker than normal you may want to inspect your ducts. If you ducts are broken and damaged they could be pulling in all the dust and debris from your attic pushing it through to your filters. The filters are doing their job but excessive debris and dust are never a good sign and should be addressed quickly.

Lastly with faulty duct work you may be experiencing strange noises. No, it is not a ghost in your attic. More than likely you have a tear in your duct which can cause whistling noises or popping sounds if there are changes in air pressure. Keep in mind that this is normal as your systems age but can be annoying and you should consider a replacement in the near future.

Properly functioning duct work is another important component regarding your HVAC system. It should be inspected and maintained during your seasonal tune ups like the rest of your system. If you suspect that you have an issue with your duct work give a professional a call such as ourselves to make sure your system is working properly.So

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