What is Water Jetting? 

High-pressure water jetting efficiently wipes out any debris that may have built up inside the pipe by dislodging it into little pieces using a hose with a specific nozzle. The hose is attached to a device that pressurizes the water as it is directed via jets on the nozzle head to fully clean and cleanse the pipe.

If you are having ongoing clogged, slow, and backed up drains, you might want to try hydro jetting. Snakes and chemicals can only go so far and address so many issues, a severe enough clog will require something more specialized.

Are you unsure if you need hydro jetting services? Let us dive right into it!

Slow Draining Pipes

If your sink or tub is not draining quickly enough or not draining at all? You probably have a clog somewhere. Backed up drainpipes can also cause foul odors, from your kitchen sink for example. But drain clogs seem run of the mill and easy to deal with most of the time, so what’s so special about hydro jetting? Well, these problems are common enough, but their frequency may be indicative of a bigger problem. Frequent clogs mean your solutions aren’t solving the problem.

Run of the mill clogs are easy enough to deal with but severely clogged lines and pipes can’t be properly dealt with using snakes and chemical treatments. Many things can build up in your pipes over time and cause major blockages. Snakes, chemicals, plungers, etc. might break them up temporarily but will also just push them a bit further down where they re-accumulate and worsen. These blockages will affect the efficiency of your pipe system and can even back contaminated, dirty water into your home. These blockages can be caused by buildup of grease, mineral and limescale, trash, waste, food, and even tree roots. Severely clogged drains are a huge pain and sometimes result in pipe bursts, overflows, and flooding. Many turn to digging them up before that happens to make repairs but you have a quicker, cheaper, and more efficient option available to you.

Hydro Jetting Services are Advanced Technology

Fortunately, today you have better technology and our hydro jetting services to deal with this problem. Hydro jetting uses advanced technology that powerfully jets pressurized water through the pipes, clearing away debris and clogs, restoring your pipes effectiveness. The high-pressure water jet not only punches through clogs, but it will scour the pipe, clear away the buildup and push the debris further along and out of your pipes, solving the problem entirely. Built up sediment, waste, trash, and roots don’t stand a chance. Not only does it solve the problem, but it does also it does it faster, cheaper, and safer so long as it’s done by a professional. Do keep in mind that, if done incorrectly, hydro jetting can make the problem worse and damage your pipes as bad as those drain chemicals can. Professionals have the expertise and the highly specialized equipment to make it happen.

Home Purchase

When considering a home purchase it is quite common to request a hydro jetting report. Your home is an investment and it is better to find out before your purchase that the plumbing in the home is working correctly and there is not major issues.

Call us professionals at Dr. Rescue. Our experts will perform a very detailed inspection of your system, checking for damage, and determine the best solution and if your pipes are good enough condition for the process.  Not only will hydro jetting help to unclog your pipes, but jetting will help ensure the health of your pipes for years to come.

Call Dr. Rescue at (832) 458-0642 to schedule your hydro jetting plumbing service.  Dr. Rescue will offers high quality customer services on all of  your plumbing services.

Don’t ignore any water leak problems as doing so can create an even bigger problem and more costly repairs. Give Dr. Rescue a call at 832-458-0642 to get one of our trusted technicians to solve your water repair. Whether it’s a small repair or a large replacement you can trust that Dr. Rescue will take care of your problem quickly and efficiently. We make every effort to repair your water line issue with minimal damage to your property.

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