You are currently viewing Maximizing Your Bathroom’s Space and Functionality in Your Spring, TX, Remodel

Maximizing Your Bathroom’s Space and Functionality in Your Spring, TX, Remodel

Maximizing Your Bathroom’s Space and Functionality in Your Spring, TX, Remodel

Have you considered bathroom remodeling in Spring, TX? A well-designed bathroom will elevate your mood every time you step inside, from admiring the new vanity to looking forward to spending time in your spacious steam shower. 

In this post, the experts from Dr. Rescue Home Services share some tips to help you breathe new life into your home, including a top-notch bathroom renovation that could raise the resale value.

How More Space In Your Spring, TX, Bathroom Brings Out Its Best Qualities

What does your dream bathroom look like? That’s what your bathroom remodeling projects should be aiming at long before any work begins. Here’s how to do it:

Make a Plan

The best use of space first depends on how many people utilize the bathroom daily. A design for a guest bathroom may have entirely different considerations than one used primarily by children. 

Start by taking note of any problem areas in your bathroom. Is there an unused dusty corner that’s too small to fit a stylish hamper? A professional team like Dr. Rescue Home Services will work with you to design a floor plan that fully utilizes all available space. 

Maximizing a Small Space

Bathroom remodeling can be challenging with a small space, but there are two easy ways to make the area seem bigger:

Get Rid of What You Don’t Use  

Do you only take showers? There is no reason to have a tub taking up valuable floor space. Utilize the extra space in a way that better suits your needs.  

Storage Options

Bathroom storage doesn’t have to be confined to one cabinet under the sink. Expand with built-in cabinets to give you extra storage without taking up any floor space.

Give the Illusion of Space

When you’re creating a new bathroom design, there are some simple things you can do to make your space look bigger. For example, if your bathroom has two sinks, you may consider installing two small mirrors. However, installing one big mirror will reflect the entire room to trick the eye into thinking the bathroom is double its size, making it seem more luxurious.

Don’t Forget the Floor

Which floor tiles should you choose for your new bathroom? Bigger is better. Small bathroom tiles crowd the space with too many grout lines, whereas larger ones create a more lavish space. 

Expert Bathroom Remodeling Services in Texas

Have you been thinking about remodeling your bathroom but have questions? Whether you need new fixtures or building code requirements, we handle all the details to bring your vision to life.

Don’t wait; call the experts from Dr. Rescue Home Services at 832-458-0642 today for all aspects of bathroom remodeling in Spring, TX.

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