Is it time to re-pipe my home? It’s a big job and decision. If your home is older, if you notice a multitude of leaks appearing around your home, if you experience a drop in water pressure, start hearing odd noises coming from your pipes, you may want to consider repiping to protect the integrity of your home. When you’re ready, give our office a call with any questions or to schedule your home repiping services in Spring, TX give us a call at 832-458-0642.

Most older homes were built with galvanized piping. This piping is known to corrode and the rust from that corrosion can transfer into your homes water supply. Not only is old galvanized piping costly after it deteriorates and leaks, its not good for your water supply or health.

Thankfully there are many updated alternatives to consider when repiping your home. All options will guarantee you will reduce the possibility of water damage and mold growth from water damage. You will also get better water pressure and cleaner water.                     

If you’re unsure which pipe would be best for your home call us at 832-458-0642 for a free estimate and one of our licensed plumbers in Spring, TX will come out quickly to answer all questions.

Is repiping my home expensive? There are many factors that determine the price of repiping which include what material you select, the size of your home, how many stories and demolition. Don’t worry, at Dr. Rescue we have many financing options with low rates and low monthly payments. Any of our options will guarantee we can help repipe your home. If you’re interested in financing click here to see one of our options under our “Financing” tab.

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