Our showers are an integral part of our day-to-day lives and when they aren’t working properly, it throws a wrench into your schedule and makes for a really bad start to your day. Some shower problems are easy to fix yourself, but you don’t always the time and the issue can also be bigger than it appears. From shower repair services in Spring, TX to everything in-between, Dr. Rescue can get you back on track.

Plumbing can be complicated due to the number of parts and components that need to function properly and in unison. Your shower and faucets depend on the smooth flow of your plumbing system as well as the correct fixtures to run properly. Before you start paying for replacement parts, let our specialists give it a proper inspection. Replacements may not be needed! Regardless of the issue, our licensed plumbers in Spring, TX can get your shower running smoothly again. Some common problems include various leaky pipes and fixtures, busted faucet nobs, the shower pan isn’t draining, and clogged drains. You might even notice higher water bills as your as your pipe system leaks or is working overtime to do its job. Those leaks and bad components and parts are our specialty and any unseen problems you aren’t aware of won’t slip past our inspection.

After our Dr. Rescue specialists conduct a thorough inspection of the problem, you can trust they’ll take care of it. Our team can run shower and faucet repairs, unclogging pipes and drains, installations and replacements, leak repairs, etc. Their expertise means they can work all kinds of fixtures, systems, and shower-heads no matter how advanced. Valves, diverters, faucets, pans pipes – it’s all a breeze! They can conduct plumbing pipe and fixture relocation, walk-in tub and shower installations, water pressure fixes, you name it! Nothing is beyond their experience.

Many common issues that homeowners encounter with showers are:

We understand bathroom shower repair and plumbing problems can be a pain. It costs you time and money best used elsewhere. And plumbing problems are not something you want to put off for later. In addition to interrupting your life, they can cause water damage issues to your home. Don’t’ worry, our trusted technicians and specialists provide 5-star shower repair and shower installation services, and they get the job done right! We carry quality name brand shower heads and handles, offer flat rate pricing with no hidden fees or tricks, and excellent customer service that you can depend on.

So, is the shower handle stuck? Did it break off? Do you have low water pressure from your shower head? Shower not draining? These are all common issues homeowners encounter with their showers. If you’re experiencing any of these or other issues, give Dr. Rescue a call at 832-458-0642 or make an appointment and we’ll send you someone who will dedicate their time and energy into providing the best most efficient experience for you as possible. We don’t try to trick you and you’ll never be in the dark. We’ll discuss all your options and let you know the best solutions and the best prices. Call us, and let our shower repair services save the day!

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