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Professional Drainage Service for Clogged Drains

Better not to DIY and Call a Drainage Service 

When should you be giving a call for professional drainage service? Properly functioning drains are a crucial part of that, but no one realizes that until they stop functioning. Most people will never give their drains any thought until they don’t have a choice and need to unclog their drain.

Here is when you want to make a stop a think about getting a professional Drainage Service like the one we provide here at Dr. Rescue. We always insist, plumbing is not something to DYI out of nowhere. Experience and proper equipment is always needed. 


A Professional Drainage Service Keeps Everything Running Smoothly

Like other functioning aspects of your home, regular and proper maintenance of your plumbing system is the best preventative medicine. But in the case that you do encounter problems, Dr. Rescue’s plumbing services and experts provide solutions that ensure your daily life is as uninterrupted as possible. Any repairs or cleaning we do will be fast, affordable, and most importantly, correctly done! Let’s go over some of the signs and causes of drain issues.

The most common drain situations we encounter in residential spaces are bathroom drains and kitchen drains. A bathroom drain tends to deal with a large variety of debris such as hair, toilet paper, soap scum and build up, and various types of hygiene products. These clogs will occur in a sink, toilet, or tub/shower drain. If one drain is being affected, then the others might be as well. In a kitchen drain, all kinds of food stuffs and food waste can cause clogs. The unholy trinity of fats, oils, and grease are the bane of any kitchen drain. Any amount of whole food pieces that go into the drain can be bad. Vegetable scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds are common.

Cooking grease is especially devastating and should not be poured down the drain. It might go down the drain liquid, but it solidifies quickly. Another common drain situation is some kind of home or garage workspace like a wood or mechanical shop area. These spaces often have drains that can get clogged by all kinds of debris such as dirt, scraps, sawdust, wood shavings.

Rarely does a drain clog occur immediately. Substances such as fat, grease, hair, and soap will stick to the pipe walls and build up over time, especially as other kinds of debris will start sticking to them. A little bit of grease won’t cause a problem until bigger food scraps get stuck to it with more grease acting like super glue.

You should be able to notice drain issues when it starts to drain water a slower rate. Hopefully, you notice this before it stops draining entirely. All sink drains should drain very quickly, anything else is indication of a growing issue. Another indicator you can test is if you turn the sink faucet in your bathroom and the toilet starts to bubble. That clog should be addressed asap. The last thing you want is wastewater backing up into your home. Which leads us to another indicator of a drain clog – bad odors! Waste in a clogged bathroom drain and rotting foods in a kitchen drain will really put the fire under you to get a drain looked at. If you’re taking our your trash, cleaning the fridge, and flushing the toilet regularly but are still noticing bad odors, then it is probably a clogged drain.

Call the Doc! Dr Rescue Professional Plumbing. 

The best solution for any of these problems is professional plumbing services. We advise that you don’t trust store-bought drain cleaners as they will rarely solve your problems and usually make them worse. They are highly caustic chemical mixtures that might (emphasis on might) dissolve a clog of fats, oils, and grease but can’t dissolve anything else except your pipes themselves. Even if you know your issue is cooking grease, you still don’t know if the cleaner will fully dissolve it, it might only be partially effective. These chemicals are too harsh for your plumbing system and are too much of a risk, they’re more likely to corrode and damage pipes than clear them. These chemicals are also dangerous for your health. If you do have a clog that the chemicals can’t dissolve, you run the risk of those toxic chemicals backing up into your home. A quick and easy fix? MAYBE. It’s more likely you’ll experience more issues down the road, sooner or later.

pouring money down the drainDon’t pour money down the drain, hire professional drain cleaning services.  Store-bought drain cleaner, usually does not solve unclogging your drain.

Maker sure you keep an eye on your drain functionality and be ready to do any regular maintenance to extend the lifespan of your pipes and plumbing system so you never have to deal with major issues. Our plumbers a Dr. Rescue are experienced and can clear any drain and repair any pipe so that your life can continue uninterrupted. Give us a call (832) 458 -0642  or make an appointment and Dr. Rescue will provide unclogging your drain solutions!

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