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Why You Want Regular Heater Maintenance

Heater Maintenance Can Save You Time and Money.

We all know that as Texans we bundle up and turn on our heaters if the temperatures drop below 65. What’s worse is finding out your heater won’t turn on, you smell gas or burning, or getting that extremely expensive electric bill after using the heater only a few times. Heater maintenance is just as important as AC maintenance. Allowing your heater to become dirty and clogged is only asking for issues to arise resulting in costly repairs or being without heat when that freak snow/freeze happens. Heating systems rely on a blower wheel to circulate air through the home. A dirty blower wheel can decrease air flow, efficiency, and comfort. It can also cause the wheel to become unbalanced resulting in blower motor failure. Beyond this, a dirty furnace blower wheel can:

  • Increase electrical use
  • Decrease motor bearing life
  • Increase noise
  • Reduce airflow potentially overheating the furnace and cracking the heat exchangers.

Below is an example of a dirty blower wheel and a clean blower wheel:



Simply getting heater maintenance each year before winter hits will bring you peace of mind knowing caked on dirt and dust will not be blowing through your home nor damaging the heater you depend on. Give our company a call today to get your heater maintenance take care of. Prices are low and our quality technicians will make sure you don’t have to think twice about you heater this winter. Call 832-458-0642 or schedule online for you heater maintenance appointment!

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